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Are you tired of annoying spam comments? Aren’t you receiving enough comments and feedback on your videos? We know that you put a lot of effort into the production of your video and that you deserve a real feedback, that’s why we offer real qualitative Youtube comments packages.

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Why is it crucial to buy comments?

You don’t receive comments on your YouTube videos? Or do you have to constantly delete spam comments? Is even a hatter busy leaving you mean comments? No matter what the reason: YouTube comments are extremely important for your success on the Youtube platform. You’ll be able to find out in detail why this is the case and why you should buy comments in this article.

YouTube comments are underestimated

YouTube views are undoubtedly the most important indicator of the success of your video. The number immediately catches the eye, is weighted more heavily in the ranking, and is hyped by everyone in public. Who is talking about the YouTube video with the most comments? Millions of views are much more relevant than a few hundred or a thousand comments.

Why buying Youtube comments is important for your videos?

Sometimes the comment function for videos is even deactivated. The reasons for this are more than understandable: From spam to hate comments, YouTubers have to deal with all kinds of annoying, sometimes defamatory statements. Even the operator of the most successful YouTube channel PewDiePie had had enough of it and the function was deactivated in 2014. The accompanying video “Goodbye Comments” counts more than 12 million YouTube views – and still cannot be commented on.

If even the stars can do without it, why should YouTube comments be of any use? Negative comments only hurt and answering them takes a lot of time and it gets into people’s nerves. In 2015, the video platform itself deleted 92 million hate comments, some of which were illegal. In the meantime, there are even initiatives to counter hate online with workshops in schools and other measures.

buy youtube comments

The number of Youtube Comments is valuable feedback and relevance signals

However, YouTube comments have a few key advantages. On the one hand, they are an important ranking factor. Since comments tend to be placed less frequently, the algorithm weights them more heavily – after all, they mean more effort for the user than a “like”. The more comments are made, the more relevant the content appears to be to others. And the better the video does in the ranking. It doesn’t work any differently at PewDiePie – which should be the reason why the comment function for his videos has long been reactivated.

Comments are also important feedback that can help you optimize your channel. If you implement valuable tips from your audience and even go into them directly in the next video, this will give you many points for your viewers – and ultimately more YouTube views.

Even if some people don’t consider YouTube as a social network, Comments enable the exchange between fans and the channel operator. This can create a real conversation that brings you closer to your YouTube subscribers and creates a real fan base. In short: Comments give your videos the boost they need to get more YouTube views and subscribers. You don’t have to do much for this to succeed.

Six good reasons to buy YouTube comments

Would you like to get your video entertainment rolling, but save time and effort? Then you should buy YouTube comments. This also helps against spam and haters, because the more positive comments you can count on your videos, the less weight a few “stupid sayings” have. Many users also buy comments for the below-mentioned reasons:

Youtube Comments are more valuable than views on your videos

While key figures such as YouTube likes or views are primarily based on clicks, the interaction in the form of comments is far more complex. The appreciation is individual and the feedback has more weight than the simple view or a thumbs up.

If you buy real comments, it shows other users that your video has been valued. That makes an impression and makes more people watch your video. If the content is convincing, the viewers may even become new YouTube subscribers who regularly watch, like, and comment on your videos.

Comments are of high importance

Compared to interaction in the form of YouTube views or likes, it is far more difficult to get users to leave a comment. To get a comment, the content must be exceptionally convincing or appealing in two ways. When you buy comments, you overcome this problem easily.

More users will take part in the discussion. Especially when you answer questions. Show interest in the opinion of your viewers, respond to feedback, and answer questions. You will see that your activities will encourage even more people to contact you.

Comments increase the time spend on the video

In addition to the video content, authentic, positive comments can increase the length of stay. No matter whether before, during, or after playback, the majority of users like to scroll to the comment area. If you find something here and read interesting articles, you will also spend more time on the video. And ideally, it even extends the playback time. It is another positive signal for the YouTube algorithm to rank your video better.

Real comments improve the interaction rate

The number of YouTube views in the search results is the relevance signal for excellence. However, comments add more to interaction, which in turn is important to reach. The phenomenon of social proof affects both the time spent on the video and the interaction rate. Thus, the reaction of others serves as a compass for your own actions.

Interaction is the key to more visibility of your post

Reaching a larger audience is key on almost every social media platform. You want to reach as many people as possible with your visual message. YouTube tries to evaluate content according to certain quality criteria with its algorithm. In addition to the complex factor of “watch time”, engagement also plays a decisive role.

Social signals as a ranking factor?

Opinions regarding this thesis differ. Officially, social signals are more a result of good rankings and high-quality content, not the other way around. However, the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine for Google and that comments are also made via connected Google accounts suggest a mutual influence. Interaction is also important for the position within the search results on YouTube itself. In addition to YouTube views, likes, and shares, this also includes comments.

Buy real comments for your videos at Online Music Promotion

If you want to stay in the game, you have to provide content. Interaction is the key to success – even beyond the Youtube platform. Increase the reach of your videos by buying YouTube comments. With our HQ YouTube comments you can quickly and easily make your Youtube video more popular. First and foremost, the interaction itself is crucial – no matter in what tone. Positive comments not only caress the soul, but they also provide information about whether your content is really worth watching. Are you looking for ways to increase your Youtube Views? Check our Youtube Views packages here.

Get real feedback

By buying YouTube comments you get more interactions on your videos within the YouTube video platform.

New comments increase the attention of visitors. Visitors and video viewers become interested in your contribution.

Attention to your video increases through purchased YouTube comments

Are you lacking comments within your shared videos on YouTube? Buy comments and see how the number of your total comments increases.

Small or large, many YouTube channels eventually reach a point where they cannot generate any further reach. Has your site been inactive for a while? Are you dissatisfied with the number of your current likes? With our service, you can refresh and expand your fan base or start all over again. Many successful YouTube channels were able to stand out from the crowd and become successful with this method.

We offer the following payment methods:

Safe Credit Card Payment with Stripe

These are real active YouTube accounts that leave a comment on your video. Sometimes users like or reply to other comments.

Purchased comments have significant benefits. The more comments you have, the more interesting YouTube will rate your video for other users. The content and the number of views and likes also play an important role.

Yes, we place your video in front of people that might like that kind of content. The chances are high that you will receive only positive comments. This also depends on how good your content is.

The comments always refer to the respective video. They consist of one or more complete sentences.

For individual offers or contingents, please send us an inquiry.

We check every order manually. In most cases, the start takes place within 24 hours of ordering.

No. We expressly point out that we do not represent any of the social networks that are the subject of our service.

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  • Very impressed!


    I’m very impressed! I have tried many websites, but most of them give unrelated random comments, which doesn’t make sense. This is actually the first company that provided me with real user feedback. I can see it on the Youtube analytics page, that the users leaving a comments are coming from organic Youtube search and they are all watching the whole video. The comments are mostly related to my music, which is the biggest plus here. What can I say more? I will place more order asap! Cheers, Larson

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