How does it work??

Once you make an order on our website we shall include you to our database. The delivery will start within 24 hours.

Can I feel sure that my account won´t be suspended??

Our specialists work in accordance with SoundCloud guidelines. So we assure you that your account is free of any risks of being suspended.

Will it take long to complete my order??

The length of delivery mainly depends on the package you have selected.

Do you provide real likes??

All the users who give likes to your music are real. So the likes given by them are real too.

Do you provide discounts??

Yes! We do have discounts for those who wants to buy bulk packages. Furthermore, you can make use of discounts through our coupons. Coupons you will receive as soon as you reach a higher level as a rebuyer.

Will the followers last forever??

In general, the followers you will get from us will stick to your profile. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the followers will last forever. There are several reasons why you could lose followers:

  • Inactive Soundcloud profile – if a real Soundcloud profile is inactive for a while, Soundcloud will delete it automatically.
  • You lost the followers from other suppliers.
  • Some of your followers simply unfollowed you.
Can I get a refund in case I don´t like your services??

We always care about the satisfaction of our customers. So, if our services do not meet your expectations you can receive 100% refund within 14 days.

Do I have to provide my SoundCloud password??

We never deal with your personal information.

Which package is right for me??

Well, that is all about what your SoundCloud needs. We try to offer packages that can fit the needs of each and every SoundCloud user, so just look around our site and see what would be best for you. You are also able to create your own package with the “Spotlight Award” where you can choose exactly the package you want.

Why Should I Work With onlinemusicpromotion.net??

We are here for you. Unlike some of our competitors, we are all about making your goal into a reality. Our aim is to help you. Our product is high quality and real, and we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service. If you want someone that will work with and for you, instead of against you, we here at onlinemusicpromotion.net are the ones for you.

What Information Do You Need??

Nothing too personal, we promise! All we need from you is your email, your username, and what package you would like. We don’t need any passwords or anything of that kind.