How To Get More Views On Youtube (2022)


YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users, making it the second most popular entertainment application after Netflix. However, you may be creating high-quality material for years and see that your videos have only received 33 views, four likes, and no comments. This might be disheartening.

Whether this is your case or not, I’ll show you how to expand your video views and share of the YouTube user pie by building a following. For years as a digital marketer, I’ve optimized hundreds of YouTube videos and spent thousands of dollars on advertising across YouTube for everything from branding initiatives to acquisition goals. Let’s get started.

Get Your Youtube Channel Fundamentals Straight

A successful YouTube channel requires a few key building blocks. These are some of them:

• Pick a catchy name for your YouTube channel. A unique, easy-to-remember, and creatively descriptive (not literally descriptive) channel name is preferable.

• The appearance of your channel is represented by the Channel icon, which is a visual representation of your channel. A pleasant, disarming photo of yourself is preferable if you’re the face of your channel. But you may also opt to utilize a good logo (ideal for non-personal channels) or other visuals instead.

• Make sure you fill out the About portion of your profile completely: succinctly but engagingly describe what your channel is about to those who may be interested and could potentially subscribe. Keep in mind that keywords must be used naturally.

• Choosing your niche: A niche is the channel’s primary topic. If you pursue a single topic, you’ll get more views than if you’re a jack-of-all-trades.

Make use of stand-out Youtube video thumbnails.

Thumbnails are like signposts or advertising for your YouTube videos. They’re crucial for attracting people to your videos. According to Google, 90% of the top-performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.

Only after your YouTube account is verified may you change the thumbnail. You can only utilize the preprogrammed ones if you don’t have a validated account.

What should your thumbnail look like? It should stand out and have a high enough resolution. The following are the minimum required resolutions: 1280 x 720 pixels.

Make sure your colors are as distinct as possible. Black and white easily blend in with YouTube’s brand colors — and may be easily overlooked amid the sea of other videos. Red, green, and blue have a tendency to do better than others when colored.

Create Video Descriptions That Are Also Interesting

A bland description for a YouTube video doesn’t make sense. These three suggestions might help you improve your video description to create it great.

1. Come up with an intriguing opening. You don’t have to utilize superlatives, but make sure there are two or three sentences (at least one primary keyword) in the introduction to summarize the video’s content.

2. Create a body that gives more information about your video’s content.

3. Include links to related websites. In the end, direct visitors to your other social media profiles, such as your Twitter account.

Create Playlists

Creating a playlist of your videos can help you gradually rope in new followers to your brand. They’ll be smoothly led to your other videos instead of being driven to different channels.

Remember to be creative with your playlist choices. Collaborate on playlists with other creators or include videos from channels you like. Of course, the aim is for them to share your videos with their followers in return.

Make your video title eye-catching and creative.

It’s critical to develop an excellent video title. According to YouTube, “Well-written titles may be the difference between someone clicking and sharing your video or scrolling right by it.” While you should avoid using clickbait to increase views on YouTube, you may intriguingly tease what’s in the video.

Using numbers as part of your title, such as “5 ways to cook spinach,” and parenthetical remarks, such as “5 ways to cook spinach (according to a new study),” may help you obtain more views.

Titles with the words “how to” are generally popular on YouTube.

Ensure that your video is one of YouTube’s suggested videos.

YouTube provides a unique method for searching. If you want to watch a video about sharks from National Geographic, for example, simply type in “sharks National Geographic.” The YouTube algorithm relies on video metadata to pick and recommend videos to users.

To boost video view count, devise a plan for your description and keyword tags.

• To begin, make sure both bloggers are focused on one main term.

• Reduce the number of tags to 10-12 and concentrate on slight variations of the main keyword.

• Make sure your description is at least three lines long.

• Add links to more recent videos in the description box to boost views.

• Use hashtags to assist users in finding material on a certain subject, but note that if a video has more than 15 tags, YouTube will disregard them all.

• Include a generic 3-5 sentence description of the channel at the bottom of the video description. Pro tip: Use YouTube’s defaults tool.

Trends Can Help You Gain Visibility

To improve your view count, make sure your video ranks high in search results by finding and tapping into current trends. It’s also a search engine, even though many people perceive it as a video streaming software and a social network. To increase your view count, make sure that. Use Google Trends for this – just use the Explore option or type in a term about a certain topic to see whether/when it’s trending. For a more localized perspective, filter by country, region, state, or city.

Get Started with Youtube Marketing

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One Final Tip To Boost Youtube Views

Make use of the tools mentioned above to entice your viewers. Share any videos you create on other social media sites to gain even more attention.

You can use these ideas to start making a name for yourself on YouTube.